how can i hard limit at -6dB?


how can i hard limit at -6dB ?

i want to hard limit at multipler -60db , threshod -6, attack 0 and release 0 , other software max amplitude -6db ,imput boost 3db,look ahead time 7ms , release time 100ms

i want to do with audacity

could you help me?


What does that mean?
-60 dB is almost silence.
“multipler” is not an English word.

The manual for Audacity’s Limiter effect is here:

What’s the job? Sometimes we can get it that way. It’s not useful when somebody posts with detail analysis of the tools…and nothing else.


Audacity doesn’t do anything while you record, so if you’re looking for a recording limiter, you may have to look somewhere else.


hi Steve
thanks for links
in audacity the compressor/hard limiter is Limiter

i want to hard limter @ -6db and normalize my audio songs
thanks Koz

Totally. The new Limiter effect is a lot fancier and better sounding than the old ones. The harder you make it and working up through limiter and clipper the more intense and stiffer the sound. I’ve been recommending the soft limiter for AudioBook readings along with some other custom software. It can gently reduce peaks so they don’t go over -3dB (the audiobook limit) and nobody can hear it working.

If you need a stiffer sound, you may need one of the other options.