How can I get recorded voices to appear in both headphones?

Hey all

I’ve received a recorded phone call as an mp3 file and when I play the file “caller 1” appears in my left ear and “caller 2” appears in my right ear.
What’s the technical explanation for this and is it possible to use Audacity to get each voice to appear in both ears?

It’s split recording and it’s normally very highly desirable. If you wish to make one side louder than the other, for one example, it’s a simple matter to apply correction to one without the other. People who live record both sides smashed together don’t have that option and they complain all the time about imbalances. We can’t help them.

Tracks > Stereo Track to Mono.

It’s a little more involved if you want “Pseudo Stereo,” but that will give you one show with both people on both sides.

How did you record your split show? Details are good. Recording a telephone conversation is not for the easily frightened.


Thanks for your response.
I wanted the sound to be in both ears because I’m going to transcribe the whole thing and my ears would definitely be better off with even sound on both ears.
I followed your advice (I think) and chose what I believe is called “Split Stereo to Mono” (I have Audacity in another language, so it’s my best guess) and then exported it as WAV. It worked perfectly and my ears are really relieved :smiley: I didn’t record it myself, so I can’t really give more details on that, sorry :confused:
Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile: