How can I fix: 'Warning - Missing Audio Data Block Files' error?

I am using windows 10, and I am on audacity version 2.2.2.

I made a mistake by copying an .aup file and saving the copy. After doing that, it messed up both copies.

I am left with the _data folder which contains a lot of the .au files, but I’m not sure if it has all of the audio I recorded.

I tried using a software called the ‘Audacity Recovery Utility’, but that gave me an error as well.

Is there any way to revcover my .aup project? Thanks.

Probably not, but …

If you still have either of those copies we could take a look just in case.

You should consider updating when you have time. The current version is Audacity 2.4.2 (

Could it be just a naming problem? The AUP file has English-like words in it and has the original showname burned into the programming.

The little name in the programming, the name of the AUP file and the name of the _DATA folder must match.

Open the AUP file in a text editing program (do not save anything) and read it.

If you open the AUP file and it’s blank, has nonsense characters or graphic characters, then the show may be trash.


Thanks for trying to help, this wasn’t the problem though. Thanks anyway.

I have the original copy, I deleted the 2nd copy. I would love for you to look at it, if you can. How should I send you the file?

You can attach the AUP file to your reply (see:

killa killa 60s.aup (105 KB)
Okay, I attached the file.

The _data folder should be named “killa killa 60s_data”
The _data folder and the .AUP file must both be within the same folder (for example, both on your Desktop or both in “Documents”)

When both of the above are correct, try opening (“File menu > Open”) the AUP file with Audacity. If there’s a problem, write down the exact error message and post it in your reply.

The aup and the data folder are both named the exact same, and are both in the same folder. Attached is the error message I recieve upon opening the file.

It states that there are 520 mising .au blockfiles in the data folder. The folder contains 550 .au files.

I am not sure if the 520 missing files are gone from the folder or are still in there.
Capture 2.PNG

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like we can recover much (if any) of the project.

From that error message, select the second option (“Treat missing audio as silence (this session only)”) and then click the OK button.
You should then see the project open with mostly silence, but maybe also some audio. If it’s worth keeping the audio that was recovered, (if any), export it as a WAV.

I think that’s as much as is possible.

Sounds good, thanks