How can I do "this" (screenshot included)

Hello all,

I would like to add a soundtrack to my podcast recording. This music would play full sound initially but would then fade out to a specific sound volume and then still play with at very low volume in the background while I talk.

The “Fade Out” doesn’t work as it completly mute the music.

I have no idea how to google this because I don’t know what is the “term” to use to specify what I want to do :S. So that is why I include a screenshot here hopping you guys will understand what I want to do.

Thank you!!! (Click on Image for full view with no scrolling)
Audacity Help.png

Try the “Envelope Tool”

Thank you sir!

That was the term and information I was looking for.


Have a nice day.

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You can do that manually with Audacity’s “envelope tool” , or automatically with Audacity’s “Auto Duck”.

There’s also the “Adjustable Fade” effect:

The “Envelope” tool has the advantage that it works in “real-time”. It does not change the underlying audio data until you either mixdown the track “Tracks > Mix and Render” or Export as an audio file, so until then you can adjust it as necessary whenever you like.