how can I do this following thing? (subliminal messages)

I watch this video:
and read on wikipedia.

I want to make subliminal messages.
I need to know how to:

  1. what can I use for masking? I need sound in about 1.5khz - 1.8khz. I know how to change the sound but it is not sound good. nothing in the world create for playing in this herz range?
  2. how can I recognize subliminal messages in sound?
    backmasking - I know how to do it.
    but if someone use what I am using (forward masking or temporal masking), how to identify it?
    is there a quick way to split a track to a few different hertz tracks?
  3. how to make track sound closer/ far away from you?


Audacity is an audio editor, not a specialist tool for “subliminal messaging”. It would be better you ask questions like this on specialist forums for these theories because we are not experts in these matters.

Please explain clearly what you want to do. Generally you can duplicate tracks ( or split part of the track to a new track ( ). If you make duplicates each containing slightly different frequencies you can use the Mute / Solo buttons to experiment with mixing in one track or the other.

Duplicate a track then use GVerb to add a little reverb to the duplicate (experiment with different room sizes as per ). Use the -…+ gain slider on the original and duplicate track to adjust how much reverb and original gets into the mix. Increasing the room size, perhaps also reducing high frequencies slightly using Equalization and reducing the amplification a little should make the sound appear further away.

A little Effect > Compressor may help make the sound seem “closer” - but what type of audio are you trying to make sound further away or closer?


Thanks man you answer it all

sorry for taking the time, but it is still relevant, I want to split I want the differnts betwin each track will be is hertz. not the time that he play.
I mean all the sound that between 1.5-1.6 hz will be in one track. another track of 1.6-1.7 hz and etc…

You can filter tracks using the Equalization effect.
For example, this will substantially remove frequencies below 1 kHz and above 2 kHz, leaving predominantly the frequencies between 1 and 2 kHz.
See here for more information about the Equalization effect:

A “kHz” is 1000 Hz.
“Hz” is the frequency in cycles per second.

“1.5 Hz” is way below the lowest audio frequency - it is about the same frequency as waves on the ocean. The very lowest cathedral organ pipes have a lowest frequency of around 20 Hz. I think that you are mixing up “Hz” with “kHz”. Audio frequencies are in the range 20 Hz to 20000 Hz (20 kHz).

yea I mix it .thanks for the help.

i tried to do the equalizer method for subliminals…it only shows vocal levels so do i just bring all those frequencies all the way down and just assume the sound is just outside of human range for hearing?

As written previously in this topic - we can help with all of the technical aspects of using Audacity, but subliminal messaging is not our field. For questions about subliminal messaging techniques you would be better you ask on specialist forums for those theories. We can help with the “how” but not the “what”, if you follow my drift.