How can I cut every small peaks ? (see pic)

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I’m working on a project and I need to cut every peaks above 10 000 hz. kind of like on the pic here. Do you know what tool I should use ?

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The “Equalization” effect can remove frequencies above 10,000 Hz.

Just interested - why do you want to do this?

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I’m musicotherapist and I work with acouphenic personns. I need to smooth the high frequencies that can be aggressive for them when they “peak”, but I still need to keep them high. Don’t know if that was clear lol
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Ok… I just answered but I can’t find my answer : I guess it needs to be validated before?

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Anyway I can’t achieve what I need to do : it’s the “peaks” that I’m trying to smooth. Note the “high”

Is it more compréhensible said like that ? ^^

Multi-band dynamic-range-compression can attenuate any (bands of) frequencies which go above a volume-threshold.
There are many free multi-band compressor plugins for Windows which work in Audacity, (I don’t speak Mac).

A free plugin specifically for Audacity called Paul-L’s de-esser can be used as a multi-band limiter,
that may do the job for you, but it’s not simple to use …

Apple provides an Audio Unit multi-band compressor. The enable it, see this page in the manual. It is called “AUMultibandCompressor”.

– Bill

Thanks a lot for your time and answers ! I’m gonna try that :slight_smile:
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