How can I create a seamless loop with constant pitch?

I’m trying to create seamless car sounds for my game. I’m using samples from YouTube videos, however it becomes a problem when I want to loop it. The looping part is easy; cut a short part from the video, duplicate and reverse it. The problem is, even if the loop is unnoticeable, because the car is accelerating, the pitch goes up and down during the loop, like waves.

What I want to have is a “flat” loop, as if the car is revving at the exact same RPM, so it doesn’t sound like you’re constantly pushing and releasing the gas.

Here is what I mean, see how terrible it sounds and pitch goes up and down, even if the loop is seamless.

Try Effect > Pitch and Tempo > Sliding Stretch

It’s hard to make it perfect but it definitely helps, thank you!

A timetrack can correct for the variations in speed …

But even then it’s going to sound weird because you have reversed some of the audio.

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This seems more accurate, but it also looks a bit harder than playing around with sliding stretch. But thanks a lot!

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