How can I correct a distorted talking voice?

Hi everybody.

I just recorded a phone conversation with a friend, because I wanted to keep track of the information he was telling me.

However, the settings of my recorder were not good, resulting in his voice being completely saturated, therefore hardly audible.

So my question is: how can I correct this recording using Audacity, in order to be able to hear this conversation correctly?
In other words, which effect or tool should I use to do that? (please note that quality is not an issue, I simply wish to get an audible result).

Thank you for your help!

Technical info:
I recorded the conversation using this fine app for Android: callX.
The setting I wrongly used “increase incoming call volume”.
The resulting file was an .mp3.
I opened this file in Audacity, then exported a sample in .wav format.
(please hear attached sample file)


The setting I wrongly used “increase incoming call volume”.

Don’t do that next time.

The call is lost. Select View > Show Clipping. All the areas in red are permanently damaged.

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 6.44.42.png

I don’t think you can - it’s too badly damaged.

OK, my mistake…
Thank you.