How can I change the location of the Audacity project file?

I had it in the MUSIC file, but want it to be on DESKTOP.

If the project is open in Audacity, use “File menu > Save Project > Save Project As…”

If the project is NOT open in Audacity, just copy and paste the AUP3 file to the Desktop.

Important: Do NOT try to copy / paste an AUP3 file while it is open because this will fail.

Old / obsolete versions of Audacity:
If the project is a “.AUP” file rather than a “.AUP3” file, then you have an old and unsupported version of Audacity. To move old “.AUP” projects you must move both the “.AUP” file and its “_data” folder. (The new AUP3 format is a single file. The old project format is a AUP file plus a “_data” folder).

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