How can I achieve the Hammond Organ Sound?

Sup guys, I was wondering how to get a overdrived keyboard sound without overdoing it. I just want my organ to sound like as if it was cranked into a Marshall amp and overdriven a bit, a sound that is powerful, yet not overpowering.

I love Jon Lord from Deep Purple’s keyboard sound but I don’t really want to rip him off either. I just want to know how I can overdrive a bit without it going crazy on me.

*EX: Like I hope I don’t blast my ears out with 2 Bit Sound lol.

Here’s a sample of some demo I did. If you guys could experiment with a overdriven sound on a basic keyboard organ sound such as the one shown in the demo, write down the configuration you put into audacity, and lemme know what happened lol, that’d be awesome.

Here’s a demo of the Clocktown Theme that I did: (Have fun!)

*Btw, I tried doing it myself but have been getting cheaper sounds like it, I feel as if I’m doing it wrong and too much. Please help me out :smiley:.

I think MediaFire is a little to aggressive for my taste. If I turn JavaScript on (normally off) my screen fills up with pages of commercials. Worse, the system downloads a Java Application that I’m supposed to click on to hear the music.

How about no.

Any way I can just get the MP3?


Yeah but the only way I can host stuff is through Mediafire.

But if you got some other way in mind, lemme know. Idk how else to do it lol.

Only other site I can think of.

Have fun.