How best to interface with a MacBook Pro?

Just downloaded Audacity for the first time on my MacBook Pro laptop and want to convert from stand alone turntable. Unsure what serves as “stereo line-in jack” on the laptap, or if I need to use the mic jack, or purchase a USB interface for stereo input. Help?

If you have a good, stand-alone turntable, your best bet is probably a USB Phono Preamp such as the Arts unit.

Also for less bux, Behringer makes the UFO-202 Photo Preamp that is not adjustable.

That’s not how I do it. I have a very good Hafler Preamp with terrific phono preamp built-in and I use my older MacBook Pro Stereo Line-In.


I have a Numark DM1001K and Numark turntable. Can I just run a standard output cable from that? Or do I need a USB Preamp? Is the “stereo linein” the second hole on the MacBook Pro? Apologies for confusion. And thanks!

You didn’t mention the mixer. Yes, the Numark has a phono preamplifier built-in.

Use one of these…

To get from the Stereo Line-Out of the Numark to the stereo Line-In of your MacBook Pro if it looks like mine (the circle with two black arrows), or the switchable single connection on some MacBook Pros (see System Preferences > Sound), or you’re out of luck on the new MacBook Pros which have no stereo line-in at all.

For those you can use a Behringer UCA-202 like we recommend on Windows Laptops who have no stereo Line-In either.