How About A Reverb For *Musicians*

I have tried and tried to use GVerb to no avail.

I realize that tweakers abound out there who will adjust and control every last item of their reverb till death do them part, BUT
us musicians would also greatly appreciate a reverb plug-in that’s easy to use , as in “presets”.

It wouldn’t have to be the worlds biggest production either-just a nice collection of rooms, stages, halls,chambers, plates and gates with about 3 or so options for each preset. It wouldn’t have to supplant GVerb either- I ( and maybe more than a few others) would just like something easy to use.

It wouldn’t have to be the worlds biggest production either

Yes it would. That’s the problem. Rooms have infinite echoes. Literally. We have a joke about one of the production rooms where I work. You can clap your hands and come back after lunch and still hear the clap bouncing between the walls. We timed it to eight seconds, and that was the deaf guy who drives the Toyota. You can’t program this room in software. By the time you took into account the reflections from all the walls, pipes, carpet and furniture, you’d be rending the effect until next Thursday – particularly if you had a long show.

No software can do a good job, so we do as well as we can with the restrictions of hard drive, memory, and rendering time and give the user a bunch of tools to try and tune the effect to be OK for them in their particular circumstance. That’s what many those tools and adjustments do.

I suppose we could do a “clap” test in certain venues and then simulate that, but there you run into the activity problem. You can’t sample a room with audience in it and that’s the sound that everybody wants.

If you wanted to get a bunch of your friends together and each program a stage and submit it, I suspect we would be more than happy to work with you. Remember, this isn’t a corporation. Anybody can contribute at any time.

Google “LFX-1310” - it might be what you’re looking for.

– Bill

I’ve got some pretty good Nyquist reverb effects that I use myself.
They are slower than GVerb or VST reverbs, but they could be made easy to use (presets), and they are true stereo reverbs.
A primitive example is here:

If anyone is interested in helping to develop a good simple Nyquist reverb for Audacity, please say. The main “help” that is required is in testing different types of reverb on different types of material, tweaking settings and keeping a record of what sounds good on what material for what type of effect.

Anwida DX Reverb Light has allowed me to never, ever use GVerb. It’s got a lot of presets (24), but I relied heavily on a few - in particular, “Small Room Dark” and “Huge Bright Space”. Well worth the price! :smiley:

but sadly not open source and not cross-platform, so not a suitable GVerb replacement for shipping with Audacity.