Hotkeys for Track Control Panel functions

I find myself doing a lot of editing for audiobooks and sometimes find myself working with artists that have a great voice, but get too many mouth artifacts. It’s actually a pretty easy edit, but sometimes I get a longer recording that I really don’t have the option of telling them, “Do it over.”

I’ve been able to bind most of my “speed tricks” to my keyboard and shuttle, but there are two functions that have me stymied.

  1. Amplitude Zoom In and Out.

  2. Toggling between waveform and spectrogram.

Being able to bind this to macro keys or my shuttle would save a significant amount of time on each edit. It might be only “seconds” per, but that can accumulate very, very fast when you’re talking between 4-6 ratios on edit time per finished hour.

Thanks, in advance.

In the next version of Audacity, which is due to be released later this month, there are many new commands that can be assigned to keyboard shortcuts. The new commands will be in the “Extra” menu (