Horizontal scroll.

I’m scrolling horizontally through 2hrs and 15 minutes of audio looking for bird calls. At the moment I’m using shift+mouse wheel but it’s not long before my fingers get tired (at which point I turn the mouse over and roll it along the desk).

Is there an easier to horizontal scroll than this? something like holding down a forwards key or something less mechanical than having to constantly rotate the mouse wheel?


Try the dot and comma keys (the keys with the “<” and “>” characters).
On their own they do a “short jump” left / right (default 1 s at a time).
With the shift key held down they do a “long jump” left / right (default 15 s at a time).
The length of the jumps is configurable in “Preferences > Playback” (these “jumps” can also be used while playing the audio).

I reckon that’s solved the problem.

Now instead of a scrolling timeline, which can be tiresome to watch, it’s a series of short static screens. Shift+> at the right zoom level seems to work well.

Thanks, Steve. That’s going to make a big difference. Much appreciated.