"Hollow" sounding when recording amp

Recording a Epiphone Les Paul through a Fender Mustang II amp through it’s USB cable through Audicity, but everything just sounds so “hollow” (and quiet). I have the ASIO Fender drivers installed also.

Surely it must just be a setting or something that I’m doing wrong. Here’s a short clip that may help someone identify the problem.


Thanks, but unfortunately that does not help as all those settings are unticked.

Any other ideas?

Audacity does not work with ASIO drivers.

Are you choosing the USB input in Audacity Device Toolbar? Did you turn the input level in Mixer Toolbar up?

Have you turned some effect on in the amp?


Am selecting Internal AUX Jack (Mustang Amplifier), which is connected through a USB cable. There is no option that says USB directly.

The input level is up near the max.

I have tried lots of different amp settings and they all seem to do it.

Have you read the product manuals http://www.fender.com/support/articles.php?section=downloads&category=product-manuals ?

Does the Fuse software let you record or is it just a way of controlling the Fender from the computer?

Are you on Windows, if so, what version? Does Windows Sound Recorder record the same kind of sound (click the Windows globe and search for “Sound Recorder” (without quotes) ).