Higher project sample rate


I use Audacity for two years, but only now I understood that I have been exporting project’s audio in low 44100 quality.

The example of a task that makes me confused:

  • I created a project with 192000 sample rate.
  • After importing of 202000 bits/sec background track, the project is switched to 44100 automatically.

So way, when I record the voice on top in another track, it will already be digitized at 44100.

Why? And is it possible to import the mp3 with maximum rate as it was made at, and keep the project’s original rate or make it equal to MP3’s one?

Sorry for some chaos in the question… :slight_smile:

Assuming that you are referring to the sample rate, 44100 Hz is very high quality (it exceeds the range of human hearing).

The maximum sample rate supported by the MP3 format is 48000 Hz.
WAV format at 44100 Hz is a higher quality format than any MP3 (regardless of the MP3 settings).

Hahaha… you’re right… 44100 Hertz!!! I assumed as bits!!!
My fault…
Thank you :slight_smile: