High Pitched Screech On Playback

Hey everyone!

I just downloaded audacity, read a couple tutorials online, and was hoping to be able to jump into this as I have an assignment I need to record that is due tomorrow. I’m attempting to record voice.

When I made a recording, I was pleasantly surprised by a high pitched screech playing through my headphones that has surely caused some irreversible, permanent damage. It’s worth noting that I AM running a new machine, and there could be audio errors as a result of that too.

I know very little about this software, and all of the videos and articles I watched and read online did not match with or alleviate my issue. I have tried restarting both my computer and Audacity, I have deleted and restarted the project, but nothing seems to work. I’ll be attaching a recording of the noise below, as well as my system specs and a pastebin of a bunch of stuff you probably won’t need (but will give you an idea of how much a mess my system is). PLEASE TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN BEFORE PLAYING THE CLIP.

Some of my system specifications:

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
System Type: x64
Processor: AMD FX™-9370 Eight-Core Processor
Audio Device: Realtek High Definition Audio
Audacity Version: Whatever was most recent as of 4/23.

Pastebin with Info From the “Help” Section:

I’m going to stop touching this before I manage to make things worse. Thank you for any help you can give, I really appreciate it!

Depending on your configuration you may have an internal feedback loop.

Make sure you’ve selected the correct-specific microphone, or interface, etc. as your [u]Recording Device[/u]. Do not select “Stereo Mix” or “Loopback”.