High pitched Ringing

I recently bought the Blue snowball microphone for recording purposes. Every review I watched (and I watched many) on the blue snowball, they do not have ANY background or static noise let alone this really irritating high pitched ringing noise. WHY?!?!? That utter perfection in their audio recording WITHOUT EDITING with blue snowball was what I wanted. Instead I get some HUGE background noise when I use OBS to record video and sound at the same time. In OBS recording, there is no high pitched ringing noise, it is in audacity where I hear it.

I heard that It was better to record on audacity for these types of things. So i gave it a try, and on top of the static (again WHICH NO OTHER PERSON HAS WHEN USING BLUE SNOWBALL) the high pitched ringing comes in. I dont know how I can put my recorded audacity file here to let you guys hear it, but if I had to explain it in words, it sounds like the sound you get when you pour some water into a glass cup and circulate your finger on the top part of it in a medium fast speed (you know, like when they use water glasses to make the cool ping ding sounds)

I do not like using the noise removal system at all in audacity. I guess I may not know how to use it well, but when I remove noise, my voice sounds a little robotic and all the “removed” noise comes back everytime I start talking after a pause. So it helps me less than it hurts me.

I heard that it may be a problem with my computer power supply and that I may need to use a powered usb port to fix this problem. I should also point out that this pitch has become a tiny bit quieter and I dont know why. I tried moving around my desk and moving it away from my wall actually decreased the amplitude of the bumps in audacity. I don’t know what that means. (if you would liek to know, when it decreases, I am moving it away from a wall. a wall corner, one of my dual screens, my keyboard, and myself.

If someone can generously teach me how to put my recordings here, it will be very appreciated. It will also be very appreciated if someone can help me on this situation (main reason why I made this thread XD)

Please post (attach to your reply) a short (less than 6 seconds) audio sample in WAV format.
Instructions are here: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/how-to-post-an-audio-sample/29851/1

Thank you very much on that link to the tutorial :smiley: dearly appreciated good sir…or madam 3: whomever you may be.

Here it is. NOTE that this is much more quiet than 5 hours ago.

Who told you it was best to record audio separately rather than in an app that can record audio and video itself?

It may be more convenient to do that if you want to edit the audio, but generally screen capture apps take a lot of computer resources and are better at capturing the audio themselves (because that is what they are designed to do). Launching a separate app to record adds to the system load which may already be under strain.

To make sure OBS is not part of this, what happens if you shut OBS down and record in Audacity with your Snowball? Do you get both the ringing and the “static”? Also shut down Skype if that is running.


Well my friend’s dad (a person that does studio stuff and also has a few blue mics including the snowball) told me that it would be best to do so because when you use obs to record your vocals as well, when you use noise removal later on, you will distort the video sound as well. He also said that OBS doesnt record audio very well. but from using audacity it seems it isnt OBS fault that i am getting this static (nor audacity’s fault either).

When I turn off obs I get the same amount of static (as in the .wav i put on my new post. P.S i just listened too it and realised how low it became, idk what I did but it got it a little lower) I dont have skype on either. like When I have both audacity and OBS on, I can see the static wavelength still the same. i stop recording on both. OBS has the static, and audacity has the static and the ringing. Alone, audacity still sounds the same.

I made 3 discoveries today, 1 is that when I talk or thump the table or thump anything in general, the ringing becomes more intense. 2 when I move my blue mic to the floor far from my computer setup, the ringing is gone and the static somewhat goes down like a tiny bit. 3 my nvidia geforce GTX 650TI fan is actually very VERY loud and noisy, i have found ways to fix it but they require me to take it off. I break anything I try to fix so I do not want to take it out and modify the GPU fan unless I know that this is the problem. so far from holding the fan still and letting it go, it doesnt seem to effect the mic too much but it does catch the sound.

I am a little anal about this because it gets me irratated that people have these clear vocal recordings with the same exact mic, yet I get all this static. I dont want to use noise removal unless there is a way for it to NOT make me sound like a ROBOT in a few parts of it. Also i wish it took out the noise COMPLETELY but I guess that is too much to ask for :/. So thats why I bought this mic; so I wouldnt have to use noise removal and potentially distort my vocals and video audio.

Also I am going to do the whole powered usb option and see how well it works out. I will post what happens once I get it and use it.