High pitched beeps on recording play back


I am new to all of this so my question my be stupid, but I feel I have the same problem. When I record there is a high pitch ringing in my recording. I am using a blue yeti usb mic. When I plug headphones into the Mic output to monitor my recording I do not hear the beep until I hit the record button on Audacity. I have included a sample. I am using Windows 8 and Audacity 2

Thanks for your help on this

Your issue is probably unrelated to that in the other post, so I’ve split it to a new topic.

I don’t notice a “high pitch ringing”, though I notice that there is a “mid pitch” ringing (around 600 Hz), which sounds like something is resonating (similar sound to a wine glass ringing).

What “beep”? Is that the “high pitched ringing” or something different?

Sorry, about my first post being unclear. What I referred to as a high pitch ringing is probably the sound that you said is a mid-pitch ringing around 600 Hz. I do not know what is causing it, and I do not know how to make it stop. When I plug the headphones in to the mic output to monitor the recording, I hear that mid-pitch ringing only after I hit record in audacity. I would love to first learn how to identify what the ringing is, and then how to remove it. Thank you for your help, and thank you for responding so quickly to my first post.


In the Audacity Transport menu, ensure that “Software Playthrough” is OFF (not selected).