High pass filter and noise gate

Wich is the best way to fully remove all noise below 50 db and fully remove requencies below 12hz?

I did tried some things but as specially the 12 hz range is difficult to hear. I also understand that a high pass filter is a good way to remove below 12 hz, but wich is the best setting.

Please see the attachemnt.

Most settings of noise gate can do that. The problem is the first time you get any music above the set threshold, the noise comes back. It’s only velvety quiet as long as you don’t have any show. Noise Gate isn’t the magic everyone wants it to be.

You might make good use of Effect > Noise Reduction. That can separate background noise from the show during the show

As you noticed, messing around below 20Hz is difficult to impossible. Even if you do it manually with Effect > Equalizer, you find the selected, keyed line and the light blue line (the actual filter) don’t match. The blue line is always sloppier than the one you picked.

Try Effect > Normalize > Remove DC.

What is the actual job, since you’ll never get there doing what you’re doing?


I have an virtual organ from my digital organ using Jorgan.
First I made recordings of several sound from my digital organ.
Af then I played some pieces and I recorded this with “Wath you hear” in Audacity.
The result of some recording i published:


So i am looking for a easy way to get the best out of it.