High and Low Pass filter settings for VO

Hello Everyone!

Wondering if anyone has suggestions on proper High and Low Pass Filter Settings for Voice Over Samples & Work using Audacity ?

I’m trying to eliminate some low frequencies that the mic is picking up. They are harmful to the over all quality of the recording, so I’d like to remove them, if possible!

Thank you in advance!

The grownups wouldn’t think of recording voices without the 100Hz High Pass Filter. Variations include 80, 100, 120. The sound gets tighter and more restrictive as you go up. Rumbley bass voices will fight with 120 Hz.

There is no low pass filter. If you have interference in the mid or high portions of the show, you have no show.

How are you listening? Most casual sound systems don’t go down to 100Hz, so you wouldn’t know if you had interference or not. Clip and post a bit of your work here.



If you have a deep voice, try 80 Hz 6 dB per octave high pass.
If your voice is not particularly deep, try 100 Hz, 12 dB per octave high pass.

Low pass filtering should not be required. If it is required then you should really look to the cause of the problem rather than trying to fix it by filtering.

Where are those problem frequencies coming from?
If your mic is picking up rumble through the mic stand, can you improve the microphone suspension so that less rumble is picked up?
If your mic is picking up “wind blast” from your breath on the microphone, are you using a “pop shield”?

It’s always better to try and tackle the source of the problem rather than the symptoms.