Hidden tracks?

I am makin a mix cd and would like to hide a track before track 1 starts. 2many djs did this with Radio Soulwax and super furry animals did on their Guerrilla album, the listener has to rewind track 1 at 0.00 and the display goes to negative numbers… Can this be done on audacity?

No… Audacity doesn’t burn CDs…

You can probably do it with a burning program like ImgBurn and a [u]cue sheet[/u].

Audacity is just an Audio editor , it doesn’t burn CDs, you’ll need other software to burn a CD …

Audacity is not a CD burning program, it is an audio editing program.
You would need a CD burning program that can burn from a CUE sheet file (such as EAC), and a CD writer that can write DAO, and to play the track you need a player that can play audio from the “pregap”.
The CUE sheet needs to be specially constructed to put the “hidden” track into the pregap. This can either be done by manually typing the CUE sheet (you would need to look up the correct format and syntax), or with a suitable program (I think Sony CD Architect can do this, but you will need to check).
See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pregap