Hidden text

I have attached an audio file. I know this file has hidden text but I don’t know how to find it. Can anyone help?


How do you know that it has hidden text?

I opened the file in Notepad and the only “words” I found were “LAME” and “Xing”.

It is from a Geocaching puzzle. I know the man who made the puzzle and he has text hidden in it somewhere. I know the “Spectogram” has to be activated, but I don’t know what else to change to make the text appear.

The spectrogram view is enabled from the track’s drop down menu (click on the track name button Audio Track Dropdown Menu - Audacity Manual)
but that’s where I looked initially and there is no sign of any hidden text.
I’ve also checked the metadata tags, and there’s nothing there.
I’ve also looked at it with a hex editor, and nothing there.
No sign of FM encoding, or AM encoding.

How do you know that it isn’t some other kind of clue? Perhaps the meaning is in what it sounds like? “Bees”, or B’s or “swarm” or something like that.
There’s an Inn not far from where I live called “The Bee Hive”, perhaps the Geocache is there :confused:

Thanks for your help, I’ll let you know if I get this figured out.