Hidden files put on puter?

Hi…Just recently started using version 2.1.3 on a HP 'puter that uses Windows 7.

I’ve noticed that after i record a project and then delete it after it has been burned to a CD there appears to be something on my hard drive that takes up some space.

Example. When I started a project, I started with 567:30 of disk space. When I was done recording, the readings said 565:30. After I exported the project to my desktop , burned the project to CD and deleted the project .wav file, the reading was 566:50. I then cleared the cache and ran scans. Final reading was 567:23.

What is accounting for those 13 minutes? Is there a hidden file created when I exported the project to my desktop? Can it be easily cleared off my hard drive?


Audacity does not keep copies of the file you create. The CD-burning program could possibly retain a copy of the ISO image. But anything could have used-up that memory space, e.g. a Windows update.

If you want to securely-delete data, a good free program is CCleaner … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CCleaner

I use CCleaner and I still had had that discrepancy.

There is a hidden Audacity folder called “SessionData” …


But that folder is cleared when Audacity is closed.