Hi,I'm trying to get this Gong sound out of this audio file

I’m trying to get the Gong sound(layer) out of this audio file for my personal use.

I’m sorta new to Audacity and I would be very grateful for some tips and advice.

Here is the link of the file


I downloaded it using a video downloader extension in/through/with mozilla.

Thanks for any advice

The video does not appear to have a “gong sound”. The gong sound may be a consequence of the way that you are downloading the file.

Please note the copyright owner’s instructions:

If you would like an mp3 of this video, you can support this channel by clicking here or visiting the bandcamp link below. Much appreciated, Thank you!!! : )

If the copyright holder’s terms of use are not acceptable to you, then you should not attempt to circumvent their conditions.
If you have problems with the copyright holder’s instructions, you need to take the matter up with the copyright holder.

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The gong or a bass note is played at the beggining of the video at 0:00 and it is rung or played through out the entirety of the audio turn up your headphones or speakers so you’ll hear it better. Your judgment and knowledge of law are off and wrong. This is for personal use, their mp3 also has the gong or bass note in there as well .

Please help.

OK, so you’re referring to the bass drone. I didn’t recognize what you meant by “gong sound”.

That can’t be removed completely without damaging the sound of the voices, but you can substantially reduce the loudness of the drone by filtering. If you use the “Plot Spectrum” effect (Plot Spectrum - Audacity Manual) you can see there are peaks at about 27 Hz, 72 Hz, 110 Hz, 146 Hz and 220 Hz (Tip: set the “Axis” control to “Logarithmic”). You can notch filter out those frequencies. See: Notch Filter - Audacity Manual

I didn’t mention “law”. Copyright law varies considerably from country to country and we have users all over the world. It is a matter of forum policy (regardless of country or state legislation) that we do not condone or support copyright infringement. We do like to encourage supporting original artists.

Why don’t you ask the creator of that recording if they could give you a version without the bass drone?

Good luck and much success to you.

I’ll try out your suggestions and if I have any more questions I’ll post it on this thread.

The majority of online YouTube downloader apps I’ve seen also give you free-gift of malware / adware.