Hi complete newbie to sound recording

Hi there,

I am using windows vista 32 bit with audacity 2.0.3.

I am trying to record electric bass guitar , electric guitar with effects pedals and keyboard .

I dont need to record all at once ,it will be just me inputting each track .

I was going to go with a yamaha audiogram , 3 or 6 .Is this a good choice ? will it work well with audacity ?

Please let me know what you think or if you have any better suggestions . Maybe there is a cheaper usb audio interface that I could use ?

The audiogram3 is not USB. Only the Audiogram6.

Now it’s hard. For $100 you can get a Peavey PV6…


…and a Behringer UCA202…


…which combine to look like this…


This setup is desirable because it’s one of the setups we tested for perfect overdubbing.


The trick is to have your own live performance mixed into your headphones real time along with the older tracks. Many mixer system will not do that and you end up playing “blind” or with an echo.


are you sure the audiogram3 isnt usb ?


No, I’m not sure. I can only go by the instructions I read and they didn’t mention USB at all. Are you sure the USB cable isn’t just to power the audiogram3 and isn’t used for sound? We have several devices at work that have two USB connections, one for power.

The instructions for the Audiogram6 are very clear that you can do audio transfers with USB.

If you’re destined to do overdubbing, please note that it also doesn’t say you can play back the computer into the Audiogram, and trying to listen to the computer will almost always give you live echoes in your headphones.

If you do get one, post back on how it went.