Hey, this website was working just fine, until someone decided to let's fix it

Sorry but I just don’t see any sense of community here anymore. Looks like I am just typing to a bot.

Not allowed to attach audio files to posts in this new forum,
a forum which is all about audio. That’s crazy :crazy_face:
Pictures, yes …
chocolate teapot
Audio, No.

Is that supposed to have something to do with my post?
Maybe I made mistake. Was that a comment about the web site instead?

Some of the community is figuring out how to run the new forum software. As Trebor, above, we’re finding some interesting problems.


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Really? No more going back into past historical postings to get archive information?

That’s awkward.

Remember Ian who had the record for the longest forum post?

All gone.


This is forum thread hijacking. We generally try not to get too far off the main idea, but it does happen.

If it gets too crazy, one of the forum administrators may start a new thread.


@Emerogork in https://forum.audacityteam.org/my/preferences/interface you can change the theme and color scheme to something more traditional forum-like with the discourse default. Additionally, if there’s a theme here you like, I can add it as well: theme - Discourse Meta

@Trebor I’ve enabled it now for wav, mp3, ogg, opus and flac.

@kozikowski closing a topic means that replies no longer can get posted, not that the information will get lost. I enabled it to prevent necroposting. We can discuss its usefulness in the staff & crew forum.

Please also enable .txt files (for posting macros) and .lof files (mime type = text, file extension = “.lof”).

I have added those along with .ny


What about Python scripts? Maybe that would pose a security risk, in which case they could be posted with “.txt” appended to the file name.

I once had that record… I see it has been beaten a few times in the meanwhile… Down to 8th place now! :slight_smile:
Still #1 in Recording Equipment though :wink:

Maybe I’m missing koz’s point, but I think that, like myself, koz had links saved for topics that are particularly useful. I’ve just deleted an entire folder full of useful topic links because the links are now broken. Yes I can still search for those topics when needed, but it was much easier when I could just select a link from my browser’s bookmarks. Fortunately the forum’s Search seems to work quite well.

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