here is something i recenlty created in audacity.

thanks for all the help for far. :slight_smile:

It’s all overdubbing, right? Did you make each drum piece its own track, or jam them all together on one track to the beat? Is that really you on lead guitar?

We’ve been burned with someone presenting their terrific, mixed “finished work” only to find that of all the instruments, they only played one of the background drums and a cowbell. You gotta give us a head start.


And yes, you do have that hum back there. You should get rid of that before you go any further. That will make post production with multiple tracks a nightmare.

Bad version:


the drums were put together with an online free drum machine called hydrogen. It is downloadable. Very nice drum machine. i recommmend it.

I had a lot of distortion in the lead guitar and probally could have used some noise reduction.

thanks for listening. :slight_smile:

So do I :slight_smile:

You know we have an Audacity SoundCloud group? (See: Audacity group on Soundcloud [CLOSED])
If you have songs on SoundCloud that are made with Audacity, you can post them to the Audacity SoundCloud group. (Adding a tag #Audacity will help to raise the profile of the Audacity group, which will help increase the visibility for all music posted there).

IMO the lead guitar needs to be louder in the mix , difficult to do that when one only has the final mix to work with, but I gave it a shot …

If you’re making loud rock music a compression-effect called a “brick wall limiter” will come in handy … Peak Limiter - #22 by steve

thank you that was interesting. thank you all for your replys.