is there anyone willing to assist out side of this forum with walking me through how to adjust my RMS. I have recorded 11 chapters and none of them have passed.
I’m behind on my deadline and need to get the book out any help with a walk through would be greatly appreicated
– Email Removed–.

It’s a super bad idea to post a live email address on the forum. We are a Spam Magnet and are regularly scanned for targets, marks, and victims.

If someone posts willing to help, we can connect you.

Why do you need personal help? Audacity has pre-baked tools to get your chapters to pass both Peak and RMS (Loudness).

Have you discovered Audacity ACX-Check? That’s our internal audiobook analysis tool.

Also see ACX’s own AudioLab which tests a lot of the same things.

Passing those can only be the first step as settling RMS can throw off Room Tone or background noise. That can be much harder to solve. Home Readers never pass noise.

Let us know.