Help with voice

Hey, Is there any way that I can make my voice have the same effect as the Hanar in this video? (The big jellyfish)

I think I would do this by reading the lines twice through. Select one pass and add echo and reverb. Make a mess out of it. Then slide it in the timeline so it’s ahead of the straight voice and play both. The effect is having the echo in the wrong place and the two voices will slide around each other because they’re really separate performances.


Can you explain in more detail? I suck at audacity :neutral_face:

My attemped is attached
reverse the track then apply Gverb (reverberation) then reverse the reverbed track back the right way round …
reverse then Gverb then reverse (87.3 KB)
The Gverb settings I used were:-
Room size 100
Reverb time 5
Damping 0.5
Bandwidth 0.5
Dry -1.5
Early -20
Tail -40

Thanks man. :slight_smile: