Help with sound effect for World Of Warcraft addon

Hello all,

I am looking for help with the creation of some additional sound effects / notifications to be used in the Necrosis addon ( for World of Warcraft.

Necrosis is an addon for warlocks to help with the management of spells, shards and demons - and one of its features is the ability to play sound notifications when various events occur in the game, e.g. “ShadowTrance” (attached) is played when the nightfall event occurs.

I would like to add some additional sounds to the addon - e.g. Decimate, Life Tap, Backdraft - all in the same style as the original sounds, but sadly my attempts have been pretty dismal thus far :confused: [ I’m a programmer - not a sound engineer / artist :stuck_out_tongue: ]

The original sound creator (who is french btw) left the project more than 2 years ago and is no longer contactable. All I know is that he used a text-to-speech program to generate the phrase, and then applied various effects to it.

The shadowtrance, soulstoneexpired & enslavedemon sounds are attached in the hopes that someone is able to figure out the audio effects that have been applied and how to go about recreating them.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! (53.1 KB) (37.3 KB) (30.4 KB)

You could try posting the above request here …
Some of the contributors at Freesound may recognise the text-to-speech programme used.

This company sells voice converters and a text to voice plugin (at additional cost).
e.g. of their voice converter …

The MorphVox tool has some nice effects, but after listening to some of the samples available on their website (e.g. the demon voice and some others) its not even close to what I’m after.

I have the basic clips created via the text-to-speech tool available on AT&T labs site [ ] so now I just need some expert advice on what effects (gverb/echo/etc) need to be applied in order to get it sounding similar to those original clips I posted.

So if there is anyone out there who knows how to do this using Audacity, please let me know!

It is impossible to convert the AT&T voices to match the sounds you posted, either with Audacity or any other software.
You’d have to find the speech synthesis programme your ex-colleague used to create the voices for a match,
alternatively re-record them all with a new demonic voice so they are consistent, rather than attempting to match previous recordings.

BTW you may have legal problems using the AT&T voices in a game played on the internet …

Audio clips used in songs, videos or game levels cannot be made publicly available on the internet.

Yep thats fine - it was just the first site in the list when I googled for a text-to-speech generator. I’ll do some more searching for a totally free TTS alternative and use that instead.

My main concern is finding out what audio effects were applied to make it sound so cool.

Just a direction. Reverb and stereo short delay are indispensable, although you may aware that.
Other than that it depends on raw material but I think I would use pitch changer or EQ for voice’s bass thickness, and use exiter or EQ for voice’s floatingness or EQ for total air i.e. ambience. Still, for these, I would choose vsts, especially on reverb and delay (like GLACEVERB and CATDELAY) and choose other host application that able to apply effects simultaneously on playing, with effectors rack or chainer.