Help with sending full project to someone else

Hi my name is Brent I’m using Audacity 2.1.2 with Windows 10. If anyone can give info on this I would greatly appreciate it. I have done recordings with a friend of mine and I need to send it to producer in Canada. I cannot figure out how to do it. I need to send full project so the other party can see and manipulate all tracks. Can someone please explain it to me step by step.
Thank You

It should be possible to send the Audacity AUP file and the _DATA folder to Canada. They double click the AUP file and the show opens with all the tracks, instruments, alignments, etc in good order—without your UNDO.

They should have Audacity 2.1.2. Don’t use punctuation marks anywhere, do not type dates unless you use ISO format. Today is 2016-08-05. Dash and Underscore_are safe.

Do not change the names of the project files after you make them.

The safest way to transmit a project is make a folder, drop both AUP and _DATA into it and zip it. That example would turn into Many email systems top out at relatively small attachments, so you may be looking for a file posting service such as DropBox.

There is a Project option where you point to external music files instead of embedding them into the _DATA folder. That gives you a small, very fast project, but a cloud of external music files. The easiest way around that to force all the music into the project. File > Check Dependencies.

Let us know where you get stuck. I’m assuming a basic understanding of Audacity and file transmission.

If they do not have Audacity 2.1.2 in Canada, the workflow will be very different.


It won’t be any different if they have Audacity 1.3.2 or later. See Sending to someone using a different version of Audacity.


The poster never said Canada had Audacity at all.


If they don’t have Audacity at all, they won’t be able to use the project at all.


they won’t be able to use the project at all.

They won’t be able to use the Audacity Project at all, but if the goal is to use the lower-case project or show, then the work will have to be transmitted through exported individual WAV files, carefully built out to retain the musical timing.


Okay I have figured out how to transfer _aup and _data to a compressed file. Can’t afford a monthly bill from dropbox. Can anyone tell me if I can transfer this to mycloud have a remote party open whole project and view and manipulate all tracks within the project that I created and work with it as I did on my end?

It’s best not to work with projects over network connections. It will be slow and there is a chance of data corruption. Have the other person download the project from your share.

You absolutely cannot both work on the same project at the same time, or you will destroy it.


have a remote party open whole project and view and manipulate all tracks within the project

You keep carefully avoiding using the words In Audacity. Audacity Projects only open in the Audacity program. They’re not a common universal format and they’re designed for use on one, single, non-networked computer.

If you do find software that allows network collaboration, there are techniques to produce individual WAV files from the existing Audacity tracks. Do Not do production in MP3. MP3 is designed for personal music players and on-line playback. It can have very serious timing and musical quality problems and neither is easy to fix.

MP3 convenient file sizes and universal acceptance is not “free.”