Help with robotic sounding dialogue


I recorded an interview with a 2 camera set up and a radio mic. The camera audio is almost unusable with heavy traffic noise throughout and there was also a problem with the mic track in a portion of the interview. I think the connection came loose, as the voice sounds distorted and robotic, almost like the interviewee has a cold.

I have attached a small sample to the post. If anyone knows any methods to increase the quality of the audio and make it sound less robotic your advice would be much appreciated, but I understand that getting the recording right is the most important thing and sometimes the sound can’t be saved.


So if you know how to put eq presets in the programs folders you can go get mine try using them to repair the damage to the frequencys. Heres the post link to get them. if you don’t know how to do that then just mess around with the eq settings but do it to a copy of the interview so you don’t lose what you have. You won’t be able to get it perfect but you can make it useful.

if you have an xp system you can try using the msagents voices to replace the messed up words if you knew what the word was. And you can still get the mash program from but you will also need mad skills in misspelling words to get the voice engines to say them properly I’m able to do that but it’s 2 hours of work for a 3 minute conversation. Sadly msagents don’t really work on windows 7 or newer.

the best thing is if possible to redo the interview to get rid of the reed sounds of a bad duck impression.

Sorry but that recording is beyond saving. You will need to re-record.

Thank you for your enthusiasm, but your Eq settings are not a cure-all and will not help Chrissyboytux. Please stop posting disinformation. If you are not able to help a fellow user, better to post nothing than to waste everyone’s time.

wasn’t a waste of time. I’ve fixed robotic chopped sound with the equalizer before. But when. I heard her wav i re edited my post to tell them that it is possible by use with msagents voice engines but way to much work for it. So it’s better to redo the interview. Her description of it wasn’t what it was.