Help with Phone Call recording


Im in desperate need of help to my podcast. I have an analogue mixer table that I connect 4 microphones to. In addition to that I often take mobile calls. I have a 3,5 mm connected to the mobile in the other end it’s two 6,3 mm stereo. Before when I did this it all worked fine.

The sound from the phone call works perfectly within the mixer because we can here it well in the headphones connected to the mixer. But when we record on the mac only the sound from the 4 microphones get through and not the call. What am I doing wrong? It worked before so I must have changed something :frowning:.

Thanks for any help! Dennis

What’s the mixer – model numbers – and where is the phone plugged in?


That is the mixer and the mobile is plugged in in line 5/6.

Is everything plugged in all the way? Pull out and reseat the cables (not the microphones).

Is the Level control for 5 and 6 turned up? It’s easy on this mixer to get 7/8 by accident.

What are you listening to? Do you have several splitter cables so everybody an hear from the PHONES connection? You will need five splits so that could get messy.

Plug a set of headphones into the mixer in place of the Mac. You are using the Mac Line-In, right? Thin circle with two black arrows?

It’s possible to get the Mac signal from a different place than the desk Line-Out, which is dangerous. For example, you can make an Effects Mix with this desk (FX Send) and listen to that. That show mix may or may not be going to the Mac. Does the mobile sound kick the desk’s sound meters?

Are you using FX Send for anything?


I´ve tried everything below. The sound comes perfectly to the mixer and we hear it loud in our headphones in the same way we hear each other. But we can´t get the sound from the mobile to reach audacity in my mac. All the mices gets through but not this sound. It worked before thats why its so frustrating. Is there any settings in audacity that needs to be changed?

I can’t come up with any smart ideas why it doesn’t work.

OK. Lets take it in pieces. When somebody talks, the green and yellow sound meter lights on the right labeled R and L flash, right? Do they flash when somebody calls in on the cellphone?

No, I don’t think this is a setting in Audacity. Audacity is a slave to whatever the computer is doing, so the sound isn’t getting into your Mac.


I´m gonna check again tonight. If I can’t se any meter reaction, what do I do then?

Could the mixer table be broken in some way? Since it worked before?

You post what happened, I look at the mixer instructions and either ask for another test, or pronounce what’s wrong.

Which Mac is it? MacBook or MacBook Pro?

Do you have two round connections on the side like these on mine?