help with no sound coming in to audacity

Apologies if this is already covered.

I appear to have no sound coming in to audacity.

I’m running audacity 3.0.3, on MacBook air with macOS Catalina. I have the XP203 connected via USB. Connected to the XP203 is a Technics 1210 turntable on phono input. For alternative testing I have attached an iPad on the line input. sound is recognising in the XP203 as I am able to hear the sound via the XP203 built-in headphone port.

I have opened up utilities>audio MIDI setup and device is recognising as “XPSound 2”. As per recommendations in the setup guide, I have it set as 2-ch 16-bit integer 44.1kHz (which is allowed up as same settings in audacity system preferences).

I have opened system preferences>sound and the XPSound: external line connector is recognising sound coming in to mac. The input level flickers to show sound.

In audacity, preferences>devices are set to match the XPSound: external line connector. Preferences>recording are set to ‘software play through of input’. Preferences>quality are matched to the 16-bit, 44100Hz.

Output is set to the in-built speakers of the mac.

When I try to start monitoring for input there appears to be nothing coming through, if I try recording it confirms that there is nothing.

I’ve re-read through the help guide over and over but I can’t work out where I am going wrong and why there appears to be no sound recorded.

I’ve attached screen shots to show the setup and result.

Ensure that the macOS “Privacy settings” allow Audacity to use “the microphone” (audio input devices). See

Gosh, why didn’t i think of that. Changed the privacy settings for microphone and sound is now coming through. Thank you Steve.