Help with mono track convert to stereo [SOLVED]

Hi. Windows 10. Audacity 2.3.3

I recorded a track with a microphone, in stereo mode. So, I have a stereo track, but with sound only in the left channel. I’d like to have the sound in both channels.

I have tried some tutorials for this fix, but after converting the stereo track to mono, the tutorials show drop down menu options that I do not have. Specifically:

  1. After converting the stereo track to mono, all my options around stereo/mono are grayed out and unavailable.
  2. The tutorials show three button choices for stereo/left/right that do not even appear on my drop down list.
  3. In one tutorial, the guy uses “duplicate” and the left channel fills itself into the right, that’s not what happens whey I try duplicate.

Please help me figure out how to do this.

Click on the name of the track in the panel on the left end of the track, then from the dropdown menu select “Split Stereo to Mono”.

Then click on the [X] in the top left corner of the silent track to delete that track.

I should add:

  1. I have other tracks on this project (music clips). This makes “select all” unusable, because both tracks are selected.

  2. The track with the voice has multiple clips spaced along the length of the project. (I am recording a 2 hour radio show)

Thank you.
Yes, I do those two steps. And then I have a single mono track.
So, next I want to now convert that mono track to a stereo track with duplicate sounds.
But I have no options to do so available in the drop down menu. They are all grayed out.

Why do you need it to be a stereo track? The mono track will play through both left and right speakers.

So, the project will have two tracks. One mono track with voiceovers, and one stereo track with music.
When I save this as a WAV file, the tracks will be combined into a stereo recording, with the voice in both channels?

Ok, so I just went ahead and tried saving the project as a wave file, with the voiceover as a mono track. And it seems to have worked out fine with the voice in both channels.

Thank you.

It seems that you have already found the answer, but for the benefit of anyone else reading this thread, yes the tracks will be mixed into a stereo file with voice in both channels.

Super :slight_smile:
I’ll close this topic as “solved”.