Help with help

Just downloaded the full package of Audacity for Mac (OS 10.12) which should come with the local help file and manual. I have a folder at the root level called Help, which contains a folder called Manual but can’t access this within the program. It keeps telling me I don’t have it installed.

Any ideas appreciated.

Are you installing Audacity according to

You can view the 2.1.2 Manual online here:


Thanks for your response but this didn’t seem to work.

I reinstalled Audacity according to your instructions, but it still says I haven’t installed the help file or manual

You can see an image of my files and folder setup here:


Have you tried rebooting the mac?

Is anything else missing in Audacity? For example do you have Generate > Click Track… ?

If reboot does not help, try right-click or CONTROL-click over, click “Show Package Contents”, expand the “Contents” and “MacOS” folders then double-click the “Audacity” file. Note that this opens a Terminal window which you will have to close after quitting Audacity.