Help with getting rid of white noise?

Hi, I’m new to this, so I don’t know very much. What I really need help with is removing white noise and making what I do want to hear louder. Any one wanna give me a hand?

See here:

White noise is rough even with the best of tools. White noise is all sounds at once. So you’re telling the software “remove all the sounds in this performance.” Even if you play your cards right in the latest Audacity 1.3, you may still end up with a slightly gargly performance.

It is required that you have a sample (profile) of the hiss with nothing else at all. This is step one in training the tool to do what you want. The software will try to remove everything contained in that profile from the rest of the show. You get a little violin in that sample by accident, poof, no more violins.

If you never have clean hiss in your recording, then chance of this working is zero.


Here’s my sample: Sound Cloud

Audacity NR settings are 30/6/6

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BTW there is in option on SoundCloud to permit download of individual tracks.
Download is usually the original audio, better quality than recording the SoundCloud player.