Help with file conversion!

Hello everyone, I have a dictaphone with valuable recordings from 35 years ago. I’ve turned them into audacity files and would like to convert these files to either wav or MP3 or 4, but, the export option provides no means for conversion; am I doing something wrong? The format window in the export box is just blank, no options appear.

Secondly, I want to share these recordings with family in Europe - what format is most commonly used there - does anyone know?

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It seems my copy of Audacity did not install correctly! I uninstalled and reinstalled the program and now it is working as it should. Thank you

Microcassette ? … Microcassette - Wikipedia

If I was digitizing microcassettes I would use 22050Hz sample-rate WAV file at 16-bit depth.

WAV format is universally acceptable, and is of higher quality than MP3, (at the expense of larger file size).
MP3/4 are lossy formats, microcassette is the bare minimum audio tape format,
best not to lose any quality via conversion to lossy digital format. (WAV is not lossy).

Yes, it uses micro cassettes, my old Sony dictaphone. Will Audacity record in WAV format?
Thank you for the tip, I will definitely give it another go around!
Again, thanks!

Audacity records in its own format,
but can export recorded audio in different formats: WAV, MP3

Microcassette only contains voice frequencies up to ~8kHz,
so a sample-rate of 22050Hz is plenty.
You could stick with Audacity’s default 44100Hz sample-rate,
but the WAV files will be twice as large with no audible benefit.

Trebor, thank. you for the explanation, is both very helpful and much appreciated it. I will give the recording another go around.

Again, thank you!

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