Help with EQ settings to fix vocals after noise reduction

I had an issue recently where I was recording audio on my phone and the settings were messed up, causing me to get this horrible noise throughout the entire recording.

I’m using Audacity 2.2.2.
I did a noise reduction (settings were 25, 8.5, 5) but haven’t quite figured out how to adjust the EQ to get the audio sounding better. I’ve attached a clip that shows where I’m at now.

Any advice on how I can fix this to make it sound better?
Thanks in advance.

There’s a reason that pros still record a “good performance” in a soundproof studio with good equipment and good mic position… There’s only so-much you can do with noise reduction and if the noise is bad, “The cure can be worse than the disease.”

I used Graphic EQ (Audacity 2.3.3) because it’s easier to experiment with than the Draw Curves method. I Pulled all of the sliders 4kHz and above all the way down to minimize the whistling “S” sounds. I pulled all of the sliders 200Hz all the way down, and I set the 250 - 500Hz sliders to -10dB to make the male voice less “muffled”. (Then, I Amplified.)

I didn’t spend of lot of time on it, but I’d say it’s an improvement. You might try starting there and then experimenting more. And, you might try less aggressive noise reduction.

Thanks, I appreciate you taking a stab at it. Normally any recording I do sounds much better and I can make little EQ tweaks and/or run a minor noise reduction if necessary and it all sounds great. This is a huge outlier for me, though, and the fix, as imperfect as it may be, is way outside my limited knowledge and experience. So thank you again.