Help with corrupt wav file (IMA ADPCM)

Hello everyone! I tried to use Audacity to fix a corrupt wav file (without header i guess) that i recorded with the use of USB flash drive recorder.
I have one working different wav which logically was recorded with same settings and the other second not working. The working one has been coded with IMA ADPCM/DVI ADPCM codec, 24000 khz, 16bit according to GSpot.
I tried to use Hex editor, Audacity, checked previous threads, tried Audacity versions that could import IMA ADPCM codec (ffdshow download), tried to use SoX, but it didn’t work for me.
Could anyone help me, please? Maybe, for some experienced guys it is a piece of pie. :slight_smile:

Not working wav -
Working wav -

Audacity can’t help you - IMA ADPCM raw import has never worked.

I tried (it’s a command-line application) and also the quick-fix of copying the headers from the “working” file to the top of the non-working file (which actually produced the expected length for the file size).

The results look and sound the same for all practical purposes - a lot of noise and continual dropouts.


Thank you very much for your efforts, Gale!
So, in conclusion, there’s nothing I can do about it?

It should be simple to copy the headers across in the hex editor you were using (copy everything from the start up to and including “data” in the working file).

Attached is what the start of it sounds like (as PCM WAV). The bass causes clipping (flat topped waveforms), so if you reduce the bass in Equalization you can make it sound a bit better, but if the dropouts are lost audio, you can do nothing about those.