Help With Computor Recording

Ok I Have A Problem Recording Sounds On My Windows Xp.Yes I Know “use whatever” My Soundcard Is Simga Tel Audio.
All The Functions It Has Are: Line In,Rear MIC, Microphone. Any Help With my situation.

If you shlogged through the usual wiki pages and that was no help…

…or your machine doesn’t have a setting for Mix-Out or What U Hear, then it may be locked out of recording internet shows. You at least have a Line-In and you can put a short jumper between that and the headphone output and record that way.



When most people post those English words, they really mean capturing a sound file from the internet. Is that what you meant?


Yes I’m Trying To Capture Sound Files From On The Internet By Useing Audacity. Right Now I Use My Mic And It Sounds Good But I Sometimes Get Background Sounds Like My Bird, Dog.

That’s probably the worst way to do it. If you have Windows XP and certain sound cards, you may be able to capture the sound while it’s still digital and not have to use the microphone. That’s the “Mix-Out” thing.

Then there is the jumper cable and Total Recorder for Windows.