help with clicks

I am having a problem recently with random “clicks” showing up in my audio tracks when recording audiobooks. They sound bad and are very difficult to edit out. I have tried different mics, competers, cords, etc. with no luck in removing them. I am using a laptop on battery power to record with. Any idea what/where they might be coming from. You can “see” them on the wevform as well, sometimes they appear in breaks and sometimes in the middle of a word or phrase.
waveform click2.jpg

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I don’'t hear anything wrong with the sample.

Use WAV format when you post a sound sample, not MP3. MP3 sound files intentionally distort and hide some tones and effects. That’s part of the way they get small sound files.

Also point to the time of the damage. “At 3:35” for an example.

Any idea what/where they might be coming from.

Are you connected to any external, network, or cloud drives? Stop. Audacity doesn’t get along with drives other than the one internal (or two if you have a large desktop). That’s not to say you can’t use Cloud Drives. You can shuffle files back and forth all day long, you just can’t let Audacity do it.

Do you use Skype, Zoom or any other chat or games programs? They can cause problems because they exhibit supervisory control over your machine, sometimes even after you close them. Shift+Shutdown the machine, Wait and then Start. Don’t let anything else start. Did the problem change?

Can you point to one magic time when this started? Do you keep track of Windows Updates? Did you use the same microphone and/or interface for all your tests?

There was a recent poster who was reading for audiobooks and they were reading the whole book in one sound file. ACX (for one) wants individual chapters as sound files. You can get into serious machine problems trying to read into a multi-gigabyte sound file.

One last note, ACX demands MP3 submissions. You should be doing everything else in WAV.


IMO the excessive sibilance is more intrusive than the wet mouth click noises

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