Help with Cathedral Reverb

Is there some type of Nyquist Code or Settings in Gverb to produce a Reverb like this? This would be very helpful for my Future.

Reverbation, or echo in this case is not Audacity’s strong suit.


My suggestion would be Audacity’s native “Delay” effect followed by stereo (not mono) reverberation effect.
The YouTube example you linked to has a Tannoy (public-address) quality, rather than cathedral, if you want the public-address effect you’ll need to use a narrow-band equalization before you do anything else, (see “AM radio” / megaphone effect).

If you are really fussy the echoes from created by the delay effect should have their high-frequency content progressively cut to simulate what would occur in reality.

Audacity includes the effects:

  • Delay
  • Echo
  • GVerb
  • Equalization

Combining these effects will allow you to produce a wide range of effects of that type.

If you are on Windows there are also VST echo and reverb effects available.

For a Nyquist solution you could try something like:

(mult 2  
        (lowpass8 (jcrev s 1.0 0.8) 2800)
      0.1 0.5))

Thanks! Ill try out your Guys’ Tips when i get the chance.