Help with Beats Per Measure

Greetings! I am using Audacity 2.0.4 with Windows 7. I created a click track to help me mix two songs together. I attached the click track to one song, and I’d like to match the second song to the click track BPM. Is there a way for me to see the BPM setting for the click track? The only option I see is to create a new click track with a BPM of 120, which is not the BPM of the click track.


Which is a round-about way of asking for a BPM tool. Audacity doesn’t have a BPM tool. You can use a calculator and a stopwatch or a calculator app and a stopwatch app.


If you use this plug-in with the click track in the first song you should get a pretty accurate value for the bpm of the first click track.