Help with Audacity loop much appreciated please

Hi, sorry if this has been answered somewhere but just a complete novice here.
I am trying to repeat a section at the start of a track and have selected it. Gone to effect-special-repeat and chosen 3 times. However when I play it back it just repeats endlessly that section. Have I done something wrong?

Sounds like the “loop” button has been clicked (Transport Toolbar - Audacity Manual)
Click the loop button again to turn off loop play.

That was it. Great. So I’ve turned that off but now the track only plays to the end of the loop and then stops.

When there is a selection, playback starts at the beginning of the selection, and stops at the end of the selection.

“Ctrl + A” selects the entire project, so playback will start at the beginning and stop at the end.

Alternatively, click anywhere on the track. This will remove any selection and the playback start position will be at the place where you clicked.

Alternatively, click and drag on the track to create a new audio selection. Playback will start at the beginning and stop at the end.

Amazing. You’re a star, Steve :grinning:

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