Help with Aubse / harasment group using subliminal s

I was wondering someone might be able to help, I have a audio recording of someone being targeted with work place harassment by a group of abusers that also target kids. The audio contains subliminal s and I would like to know if anyone is able to hear the same messages that I’m hearing. I can send you a clip

By definition, if it’s subliminal no one is consciously aware of it.

Before accusing anyone of wrongdoing, consider the possibility of Rorschach audio:
it’s like the inkblots where a person’s interpretation of random patterns is influenced by their state of mind.

You can [u]post a short file[/u] directly to the forum.

You maybe on an uphill battle there. Most home recording systems produce low-pitch trash just by being "affordable’. Getting rid of low pitch trash is expensive.

Depending on how you manage it, you might get barely audible sounds that four different people will swear sounds like four different messages. As above, that’s the ink-blot effect.

That’s why you usually can’t prove anything with sound tracks like this.

That and Audacity can’t be used for surveillance, law enforcement, or conflict resolution.


Trebor, I found the concept of Rorschach audio fascinating. DVDdoug, thanks for pointing out how to post audio to the forum. Kozikowski, your name reminds me of a motorbike brand now don’t sue me but must be a Rorschach thing - seriously though the legal argument on this case is quite scary, so fingers crossed that we might find something.
At the 0-2’s mark I hear a man saying “at first I was going to kill my self but I’m not go’na” I think that there is something more in that audio is there a way to change the bit rate or sample rate of the audio to try and uncover coherent sound (sorry I’m knew to audio so my terms might not be well tuned).


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Audacity and the forum can’t be used for Law Enforcement, Surveillance, or Conflict Resolution.


Hi Koz, this wasn’t for law enforcement this was so that I had a understanding of what type of audio is being used or how to decode what is being done or said.

It’s Kawasaki. Great watercraft, too.

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 6.47.17 AM.png

Very cool, BTW I found that by changing the sample rate that I found new audio. the audio was far too quick for normal hearing. Kazikowski do you know of any internet forums that might be better suited to this type of conversation?

do you know of any internet forums that might be better suited to this type of conversation?

I can barely keep up with this one.


LOL, I wanted to post a audio sample of subliminal messages being used to harass, harassment covers a wide range of behaviors of an offensive nature. Sadly the sample was removed (forum admin were worried that the audio clip could be used for law enforcement). At the same time I get the joke that bit rate changes speed.
I was just hoping that there would be some technical knowledge that I could use for audio forensics. I’m new to this tech.

by changing the sample rate that I found new audio. the audio was far too quick for normal hearing

Must be the jet lag - I should have gone on to say - within the resampled audio there are clear voices, which is strange becouse the normal ‘real world’ audio is now far to slow to understand.

If you believe that a crime has been committed, you should contact the authorities and give them your evidence. Note that editing / processing an audio recording will invalidate an audio recording as evidence.

IMO what you are hearing is audio pareidolia, a/k/a Rorschach audio, a/k/a EVP.

(subliminal messaging has been shown not to work).

You wouldn’t happen to still have that audio now would you?