Help w/getting digital voice recorder files into Audacity

Hi everyone! Hope you can help.


  • Have old 2007 Sony ICD-P520 Digital Voice Recorder; trying to get files from it into Audacity
  • Sony no longer supports this recorder with software…so my next idea was figuring a way to get files onto PC using Audacity.

Anyone have ideas? Thanks!

Does Windows Explorer “see” the files like a disc drive? If so what format are they?

If you can’t read the files (of they are in an odd format and you can’t open them) you can re-record the audio from the headphone jack. The only catch is, you need a soundcard or an audio interface with line inputs. (Most laptops have only mic-in and headphone-out.)

The Behringer UCA202 or UCA222 is an inexpensive USB audio interface with line inputs, but current reports indicate it’s in short-supply. There are lots of higher-end interfaces with switchable mic/line inputs. If you buy an interface, be sure to get an appropriate cable/adapter. Do NOT buy a regular “USB soundcard” because they are like laptops with only mic-in and headphone-out.)

Hi DVDdoug,

Thank you for posting.

  • Windows Explorer does not see the files. I did look in Device Manager and my PC at least does “see” that I’ve connected. So I at least know that part is good.

Appreciate the re-recording solution. I will look for those Behringer interfaces (or something else that meets requirements).

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One more thing - - I take it the regular mic-in connection on my PC isn’t good enough, right?

The most recent SONY software is for Windows 7 … Digital Voice Editor Version 3.3.01 Download Service | Sony UK
It may be possible to make Windows 10 behave like Windows 7 via “compatibility mode” …
Make older apps or programs compatible with Windows - Microsoft Support

One more thing - - I take it the regular mic-in connection on my PC isn’t good enough, right?

Right. It can “work” but a headphone or line level signal is about 100 times stronger than a mic signal so the mic input is too sensitive (and often low quality). And, if you have a mic+headphone combo jack it takes a special 4-conductor TRRS plug to make the microphone connection.