Help undoing the latest update of Audacity I installed

I’m a very basic user of Audacity. Audacity kept suggesting I download an update, and with some hesitation, I did.

However, it has made the very basic purposes I use it for more time-consuming and complicated.

Is there some way to simply undo the update (I’m using Windows 11), or will I have to go download the version of Audacity that I had before?


Older versions here.

The installation should overwrite your existing version or you can use Windows uninstall.

(Except the 23-bit & 64-bit versions are installed in different locations so one won’t overwrite the other.)

For a complete removal of any application, you will need to delete the leftover keys in Windows’ registry after uninstalling. If you do clean the registry, make a backup first as any registry edit cannot be undone. I am not sure why you would want to use an earlier version of Audacity: the new one is nice once you get used to the few changes.