Help to record from Traktor Pro using a Pioneer DDJ-T1 on Mac

Hi there

I’m desperate to find someone who can help me figure out or find a way to fix, how to record my DJ sets in Audacity from Traktor Pro using an old Pioneer MIDI controller DDJ-T1. In Audacity I can see the DDJ-T1 as the sound source for recording. But when I hit play the sound is not being recorded. Is there anyone in here that could assist me in finding a solution to get this to work in any way. I would be so grateful :raised_hands:t3:


Audacity doesn’t talk MIDI. It only works with audio.

Hi jademan
Thank you for your reply :raised_hands:t3:

I am not completely sure it is a MIDI, but I just thought all DJ controllers were.

But the reason for post is after watching this video on youtube :sweat_smile: So I just thought this was the solution and that it would be straightforward :sweat_smile:

This is probably true. And as I mentioned earlier Audacity does not do MIDI at this time. I started to watch your 40-minute video to see where you were coming from, but as it turns out, I won’t have the opportunity to finish it this week.

Perhaps someone with experience in this area will chip in. Have you tried Garage Band ?

Thank you again, and when or if you get time to watch. It’s only the first 13 minutes of the video that are important. This is where he talks about software based solutions, which is what I’m interested in getting to work, cause it’s free and the fastest way to get going with recording :sweat_smile:

Just saw this, perhaps you mean “when I hit record”

So this video says you cannot record directly, but you will need to record via a 3rd (4th?) party app called VB Cable. May I suggest that you refer to your video, or post to their channel.

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